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When correctly set a Wheel Alignment will significantly extend the life of your tyres, your car also should handle better, be safer to drive and you’ll enjoy greater fuel economy.


When Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

If your steering wheel isn’t straight, your car pulls slightly to either side, it wanders on straight roads or after an encounter with a particularly nasty pothole or kerb. We also recommend a wheel alignment twice a year or when you are replacing your tyres to ensure your vehicle’s safety, improved handling and to help maximise the life of your tyres.


Two of the most common problems that can cause rapid tyre wear are incorrect Camber and Toe-In settings;


Incorrect camber makes your car feel as if the steering is pulling to either side. Correct camber ensures the right amount of tyre tread is in contact with the road for safer turning, braking and reduced tread wear.


If your front wheels are ‘pigeon-toed’, you have toe-in and if they’re pointing out like ballerina’s feet you have toe-out. Both lead to tyre scrubbing and excessive tread wear it may also cause unpredictable steering response.

  • Keep the car safe and make the control of predictable.
  • Comfortable ride of vehicle keeping it free of pulling and vibration.
  • Gas mileage is improved.